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Monday, February 1 2010

MOCEM LT (Learning & Teaching)

MOCEM : All in one tool to simulate SAR IMAGES

MOCEM is a compact SAR image generator that can produce high resolution SAR images from CAD models (VRML, 3DS…) taking into account basic material descriptions. As an innovative approach, this software uses :
  • an original EM formulation based on the object geometry analysis to build SAR images in a very short computation time. These formulations have been developed by skillful SAR and RCS experts;
  • an original geometrical algorithm which handles the various facets visibility, including the multiple inner reflections and the interaction with the object surroundings (i.e. ground).

SAR images are typically produced in a matter of minutes, using a 2D SAR radar transfer function that takes into account the main parameters of SAR image quality (resolution, Nes°, tapering). Many studies suffer from the lack of SAR images or control on SAR image content. This tool will interest scientists and labs, working on SAR image features extraction and SAR image analysis. A dedicated version called MOCEM LT has been developed for educational purposes. It offers an attractive way to explain capabilities and limits of SAR images to the scientific community which is more familiar with optical and IR images than radar.

Use of MOCEM for studies :

As it is very difficult to develop SAR image analysis applications, MOCEM appears to be interesting to test algorithms and tune them, before testing on actual data. 

Use of MOCEM for didactical purposes :

High Resolution SAR images appears difficult to understand. Variability of the image is also surprising to the operator. Because MOCEM is easy to use and fast for showing 3D results, it appears to be a good tool to prepare operators and students to work with SAR images or as a help in image interpretation. The MOCEM LT version is offered freely to the EUSAR 2008 participants for tutorial using here

Other uses :

MOCEM is not commercial software and use is limited to collaborative works involving the CELAR. As MOCEM covers many aspects of the SAR imagery (HR, squint, polarimetry, and interferometry) and is easy to use, it appears to be a good tool to progress in image exploitation. In this context, to know if versions without some of MOCEM LT limitations could be delivered, please use this link.

You can find MOCEM LT articles on this web site with tight sidebar. Differents categorys are on line :

  • MOCEM LT : Articles with some result get by MOCEM LT
  • MOCEM V3 : The future version of MOCEM
  • Around MOCEM: Articles about MOCEM actuality

Thursday, May 15 2008


EUSAR, the European Conference on Synthetic Aperture Radar, is the only international conference dedicated to SAR techniques, technology and applications. EUSAR was first held in the year 1996 in Königswinter, was continued in 1998 in Friedrichshafen, 2000 in Munich, 2002 in Cologne and 2004 in Ulm. It celebrated its 10th birthday in 2006 in Dresden. EUSAR will return to Friedrichshafen in 2008.

EUSAR has accompanied the worldwide evolution of high-resolution imaging radar, both air-borne and space-borne, and has helped to establish an international community of SAR engineers and scientists.

As in previous years, EUSAR 2008 will provide a forum for exchanging information and discussion on a wide variety of SAR topics, representing the latest SAR developments. You are cordially invited to participate in EUSAR 2008 and to visit the city of Friedrichshafen, as well as Lake Constance, which is shared by three countries.

The conference will be opend by a Plenary Session. It is intended to invite speakers from agencies, ministries and research institutions. During the international technical program about 300 oral contributions will be presented including several invited papers and special sessions.

There will be also an interactive poster session. The Best Paper, Best Poster and Best Student Awards will be presented on the last day of the conference. A special event program will be organised folowing the tradition of the EUSAR conferences.

MOCEM will be presented tuesday, Jun 3 at 5h35 pm. You can see the technical program by clicking here. MOCEM EUSAR 2008 publication can be download here (PDF format)

You can see complete program by clicking here (PDF format).

Thursday, March 20 2008

Examples of MOCEM results

Pictures and videos below allow to illustrate the capacities of MOCEM LT

  • Modèle de points brillants :

  • Recalage des résultats:

Points brillants / Contributeurs
  • Recherche d'effets ponctuels :

  • Études paramétriques (création de vidéos) :

Étude paramétrique sur un bateau

Étude paramétrique sur un char

Sunday, February 3 2008

2007 innovation prize

MOCEM received the 2007 innovation prize :

Tuesday, January 15 2008

The new web site about MOCEM LT is born

This site aims at communicating around the software MOCEM and around its free version MOCEM LT :